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Currently in Portland

Currently in Portland—May 31st, 2023

We'll have the classic Portland mix of clouds and sun on Wednesday, with a high temp just shy of 70. 

The weather, currently.

Welcome back from the long weekend! I hope it was restful and/or fun! The weather this week is ramping back up to another hot spell that'll hit starting this weekend, so let's enjoy Wednesday's mellow weather while we can. On Wednesday the high temp won't quite reach 70, but we'll get a fair amount of sunshine. It should be a perfect day for gardening, walking the dog, or simply enjoying the outdoors without the blast of heat of the chill of the cold. But don't stay out too late—a nice breeze will turn into wind during the later hours, with wind gusts up to 20mph possible.

Stella Harris

What you need to know, currently.

Just like Earth, the Sun has an atmosphere and weather. Right now the sun's weather is becoming super active, with new sunspots and solar flares happening almost every day.

The sun is now approaching the peak of Solar cycle 25, which means that for the next 2-4 years, there will be more frequent displays of the Northern Lights and satellites and radios will be at greater risk of periodic disruptions. Particularly intense solar eruptions can also cause power outages — the most famous of which may have been in Quebec in 1989 which affected millions of people.

There's also a lot more in space now since the last 11-year solar cycle, which means that space weather is more important than ever.

-Eric Holthaus

What you can do, currently.

Currently is transitioning to become an entirely member-funded organization.

We're doing this to boost our organization's prospects for growth and sustainability, and to align more with our founding ethos of becoming an independent weather service for the climate emergency.

Paid members will have a truly premium weather experience. Here's some of what we have planned:

  • Text directly with a Currently Meteorologist, who will personally answer your weather questions and give you a customized forecast on demand.
  • Our first weather app, which will put your daily weather in the context of climate change, no matter where you are, anywhere in the world.
  • Reader-ownership — an experiment in direct democracy so that Currently can remain accountable to our most important stakeholders, you, the readers.

We have SO MANY more exciting features planned, but we can't do this without your direct support. Your paid membership makes Currently possible.